Desperate Auction-Anime Otome Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

║Literal Trash║ Smart Phone Apps

This week, we go back to our phone to look at some otome based apps!! Woooooo! Like, comment, and subscribe! I put new videos out every Tuesday! Thanks ...

Oriental Bride Promotion Movie Short.ver

This is the newly released "Otome game"(dating sim for girls) from Arithmetic! "The Oriental Bride of the Emperor~Forbidden Love Gaem in" the Imperial ...

CLASS TRIP! | Starry Sky in Spring: Ep 11

This episode of Starry Sky in Spring we have a bit of boy drama and a sweet friendship scene leading into the news that we will be on a CLASS TRIP with ...

SSS Promotional Video

A new love story from Arithmetic Inc! Six sadistic men demand you become their “personal concierge”?! Who will you choose to spend your 24/7 with?

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